CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ IT solutions take into consideration the competition and imbalances faced by the IT industry today. The primary focus of CMRRKAD System Ltd. will be on cost reduction and commodity approach to partner selection.

CMRRKAD System Ltd. aims to achieve this by building long-term relationships, with focus on developing innovative solutions for the supply base, dealer and retailer operations. CMRRKAD System Ltd.' automotive solutions envelop supply chain operations, customer connections, and support operations.

CMRRKAD System Ltd. provides dealer management solutions for automotive retailing and serving automotive retailers.

» Enables its clients to expand and penetrate in any market, irrespective of geographical limitations

» Ensures that products are integrated with new OEM systems to increase sales for dealers

» Improves effective management of sales and sales cycles, by introducing effective CRM modules

» Enhances the product quality and reduce defects to cut costs

CMRRKAD System Ltd. meets duly all challenges of increased demand and pressure from end customers, by ensuring faster product supply and stringent timelines, and maintenance of sufficient product documentation.

CMRRKAD System Ltd. solutions for automotive dealers and retailers has

» Provided a broad-base to their dealer network and thereby increase revenues

» Enabled dealers to build and sustain relationships with their clients

» Achieved improvement in sales using the CRM module

» Decided scalability and performance optimization

» Facilitated cost reduction by reducing time-to-market

» Escalated the sales of products

» Reduced operational costs and improved asset efficiency