CMRRKAD System Ltd. offers secure banking solutions that comprises an extensive range of enterprise banking products that cater to the varied operations and departments of banks. CMRRKAD System Ltd. aims to provide the customers a cost-effective option to go for multiple solutions that can be integrated with each other, all from a single vendor.

CMRRKAD System Ltd.' core banking solutions offer the highest level of customer service to the clients. The chief benefit is in configuring to provide the flexibility to work with both centralized as well as distributed environments. CMRRKAD System Ltd. core banking solutions consist of the following modules

» Customer Information File

» Deposits

» Loans

» General Ledger

» Foreign Currency

» Management Information System

CMRRKAD System Ltd.' treasury solutions present an integrated treasury management solution that covers key markets such as foreign exchange, money, and equity, and their related derivative instruments.

CMRRKAD System Ltd. treasury management system provides the client's organization a sophisticated, multi-entity, multi-portfolio, multi-dealing room environment supported by robust risk management, back office management and management information system.

CMRRKAD System Ltd.' asset liability management provides analytical tools that enable active asset liability management to ensure they stay balanced, maximize profitability, thereby providing prudent capital adequacy.

CMRRKAD System Ltd. risk management solutions allows clients to take premeditated decisions pertaining to current risk exposures, while optimizing profits and minimizing costly errors that have occurred due lack of understanding of risk issues.

CMRRKAD System Ltd.' wealth management solutions cater to each cycle in investment management, and envelop functions ranging from client acquisition, fund inflows, funds deployment, fund management, to their related activities.