CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services aim at leveraging technologies to provide and manage an organization´s critical and/or non-critical enterprise processes and applications. CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ holistic BPO services integrate software, process management, and people to operate the services.

CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ BPO services ensure that customer monitor their business continually and remotely through online portals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Bpo Services

Automotive Industry

Added, the unique integration of IT and BPO capabilities at CMRRKAD System Ltd. ensures better amalgamation with all outsourcing initiatives. CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ automotive BPO concerns include,

» Dealer services (Sales and Service)
» Services (Warranty Management, After Sales Service)
» Indirect procurement (T&E, Spend Analytics)
» Order Management (Quote to Cash)
» Investment banking application
» Finance and Accounting
» Analytics (FP&A)
» Expense Management
» HR services


and Australia, and helps insurers to standardize simplify, automate and achieve high performance and competitive differentiation with minimal upfront capital investment.

CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ BPO services for insurance industry include
» Back-office process - claims processing
» Customer services
» Insurance and Financial Service verticals


built over a period of time CMRRKAD System Ltd. also partners with banks, to identify and achieve new revenue streams.

CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ BPO services for banking industry are concerned with
» Maintenance of customer data
» Maintenance of process transactions
» Risk assessment and action
» Insurance and Financial Service verticals


and its processes & needs and we offer to provide our services in.

» Clinical Data Management
» Safety Narrative & Medical Writing
» Artwork and Pack Management
» Supply Chain and Logistics Support
» Contact Centers −Adverse Events, Product Information
» Drug Safety and Surveillance
» IT Helpdesk
» Telemarketing for OTC products


telecommunication industry CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ BPO services envelop ISPs, wireless service providers, network equipment vendors, convergent companies, network carriers and wholesale IP service providers.CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ enables telecom companies in achieving significant cost savings by adopting labor-intensive business processes.

Health Care

and falling profit margins that stress the healthcare industry in US, Europe and other countries CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ end-to-end BPO services help the health care industry to maximize their profitability and productivity, ensuring complete compliance to HIPPA, HMO, PPO, state healthcare, mediclaim and medicaid entities


Our Services

» US Pharmacy Coding/Billing
» Rejected Insurance Claims Processing
» Prior Authorization of Prescriptions