CMRRKAD System Ltd. provides comprehensive and total support and maintenance services through its onsite and an offshore maintenance service. Client´s dedicated IT services support team provides round-the-clock support, application continuity, Help desk management with a high-level Standard Maintenance Procedures, Procedural Manuals, infrastructure and ensures that there is maximum application uptime.

CMRRKAD System Ltd. is significantly different in creating opportunities that synergize the clients in making to make updates and changes on their own.

CMRRKAD System Ltd. offshore maintenance services

» Identify and rectify the corrective, incidental issues and errors

» Plan and implement the action to avoid future problems based upon past incidents, anticipation and feedback, and continuous improvement

» Provide adoptions/changes to applications resulting due to external environment

» Carry out functional modifications

24/7 Helpdesk support aims at

» settling the request for change based on the priority through corrective, preventive, adaptive and perfective maintenance

» confirming the receipt, and acknowledgement

Incident Management Solutions include

» Modification Management

» Maintenance and renewal

» Program management and distribution

» Dedicated team 24/7 support

» Lower cost resources

» Focus on Core activity with in-house team

» Rapid time to realize and Time to Market the software product

Service Level Agreement assure

» Legacy product maintenance

» Component Development and up gradation

» Support to multiple platform versions

» Localization and customization of core product