Catalyzing businesses with leading edge technologies and proven methodologies to succeed in the global world CMRRKAD System Ltd. development methodology is holistic, and comprises 4 graded processes

Understand to be understood: CMRRKAD System Ltd. ´ unique analysis process aims to understand the business objectives, operational specifics and technological expectations of diverse clients that help in establishing project scope, detailed work-plan and budgeting.

Our Development Process

The process is specific to development projects. The various lifecycle stages that form part of any development process are Requirements Analysis, Architecture & High-level Design, Detailed Design, Build, Integration Testing, System Testing, Acceptance & Implementation, Post Installation & Warranty Support. There could be an overlap across the different life cycle stages as software development is not typically a sequential activity

The outputs of the various life cycle (LC) stages are subjected to reviews/testing. Reviews can be of different types like group reviews, one-person reviews etc.

Building incremental model

CMRRKAD System Ltd. follows the basic incremental model in evolving client-specific solutions, with each solution offered being put through a range of quality assurance tests.

Integrating with existing systems

CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ expertise lies in integrating the offered solutions with the client's existing systems that means transferring knowledge on management and maintenance.

Steering towards success

CMRRKAD System Ltd. enables clients in realizing the benefits of the offered solutions by way of direct meetings and 24/7 call centre.