CMRRKAD has expertise in various mobile application development.

» IPhone based application

» Microsoft Smart Phone based application

» Android based application

» BlackBerry based application

CMRRKAD has developed platform agnostic framework and custom platforms for mobile application development for the mobile phones which include remote data synchronization, telephony and messaging based mobile application as well as video content delivery of the mobile applications.

A mobile device whatever small it looks, but can be used to a greater extent for many solutions across the industries like, healthcare, enterprise mobility, gambling, web on mobile integration, mobile marketing and advertising etc. Our experience with mobile application development with professionals having more than a decade´s of experience, brings lot of values while designing our framework and putting them to work in the live environment successfully. Our frameworks suit application development in and around the technologies like SMS, MMS, GPS, GPRS etc. the best way.

» Development of application software for the Smart Phone, Android, Blackberry and IPhone platforms for building productive mobile solutions.

» Execution of diverse applications from Sales Force Automation, Service Force Automation, Mobile Logistics, Inventory Tracking, Mobile Banking, Mobile On-site Services Management, Mobile Messaging (SMS, MMS), and Mobile Commerce.

» Development of SMS based Value Added Services without using the web based SMS gateways.

» Ticket validating service at the entrance of huge exhibitions and seminars using barcode enabled devices.

» Applications with GPS enabled location mapping, and Geographical map based routing with latest updates through GPRS based sync with server.

» Solutions based on mobile and handheld platform leveraging Maps, GPS and GPRS technologies.

» Integration with embedded devices for data exchange. E.g. Healthcare Mobility

» Application development for Mobile Social Networking and Wireless Communication.

» Extension of legacy or web-enabled/Internet applications to the mobile platform.

» Development of reusable components which can be used across wireless projects including Mobiles, SmartPhones, Pocket PC, iPhone, PDA and Palm.