CMRRKAD has its own outsourcing model for the Outsourcing deals. It follows below 3 stages to outsource the projects.

» Assessment

» Transition and Implementation

» Steady state


CMRRKAD will assess the current strategy and come up with a plan which covers the Evaluation process and Planning. Under the evaluation process CMRRKAD will Evaluate the Employees, Busness, Techinology and Performance. Finally come up with the planning which covers planning for Infrastructure, alignment, transition and Risk/Gap/Impact.

Transition and Implementation: CMRRKAD follows the following two phases.

Phase I − Knowledge

Phase II − Operational

Knowledge phase covers Pilot and Knowledge transition.

By the end of Pilot phase, CMRRKAD will come up with a detailed approach for transitioning all other applications to BestShore team. Depending upon the size and complexity of the applications and the completeness of the existing documentation CMRRKAD proposes the training on all applications to be transitioned. Mainly the Knowledge phase covers Employee Transition, Training, Knowledge Transfer and Transition Refinement.

Operational Phase covers Alignment, Integration (Process, Business, Technical) and Operational refinement

Steady State Engagement Strategy, Project Plans, Current development activities, Metrics and Functionality Coverage reviews along with generating Reports. Ownership of all the activities by the offshore team.