CMRRKAD IT and Healthcare Recruitment - CMRRKAD is headquartered in London, Canary Wharf and has an international network of associates. We recruit mainly for the UK, Europe, India and Australia. CMRRKAD has developed an innovative, yet proven, approach to selecting the right candidates for the right positions.

We offer uncompromising professionalism, which ensures confidentiality to both client and candidate at all times. Helping you find the most suitable person for your assignment is both an art and a science. At CMRRKAD we have mastered the balance between intuitive judgement and scientific evaluation. In the current climate of mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare industry we have successfully attracted talented individuals for our clients but have also helped them maintain key personnel at vulnerable periods.

We have sound credentials based on specialized knowledge of the healthcare and IT industry and years of recruiting at all levels. We are in tune with our clients' needs, which has helped us achieve results where other recruitment firms have been unsuccessful.

If you are a candidate looking for new role, please send your resume to -
In the subject line, do mention for the position you are applying and in which country.

If you are an employer looking for our services, drop your message to -
Please lets us know the best time to contact you, we have attractive packages with various option that we will happy to discuss with you.