CMRRKAD System Ltd. defines and delivers the client-specific IT enabled business solutions. With CMRRKAD System Ltd., the clients are assured of transparent and fair work partnerships and quality work processes. CMRRKAD System Ltd. offers expertise in industry standard and cutting-edge technologies that help the client businesses to improve, and move well ahead of their competitors in the market.

CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ services include application development, BPO, consulting & staffing augmentation, maintenance & support, and Testing. We serve clients in various verticals from automobile industry, manufacturing sector, financial industry, healthcare industry, insurance, telecom and other utilities. CMRRKAD System Ltd. evolves client-specific strategic initiatives with a dual aim to achieve cost savings, and also improve on the quality of services offered.

CMRRKAD System Ltd.´ platform services and technologies [.NET, EAI, CRM, SCM and ERP] provide for total technology adoption and adaptation into the existing intranet, extranet and internet environments.

CMRRKAD System Ltd. helps the clients to extend capabilities of existing business software, so that productivity and profitability are enhanced, with key performance metrics being schedule variance, application scope management, budget variance analysis, projectRead More
CMRRKAD System Ltd.' Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services aim at leveraging technologies to provide and manage an organization's critical and/or non-critical enterprise processes and applications. CMRRKAD System Ltd.' holistic BPO services Read More
CMRRKAD System Ltd. offers dedicated Consulting and Staff Augmentation services to enable companies to hire a talented, efficient team that significantly reduces the ongoing operational costs, and thereby achieve more business ahead of their competitors. Read More
CMRRKAD System Ltd. provides comprehensive and total support and maintenance services through its onsite and an offshore maintenance service. Client's dedicated IT services support team provides round-the-clock support, application continuity, Help deskRead More
CMRRKAD System Ltd.' testing process ensures quality and cost-effectiveness and provides for a good return on investment. The systematic testing approach adopted guarantees effective test automation.Read More
CMRRKAD has its own outsourcing model for the Outsourcing deals. It follows below 3 stages to outsource the projects: 1.Assessment 2.Transition and Implementation, 3.Steady state.Read More