CMRRKAD System Ltd. gauges the complexities associated with utilities that result from a fast changing geo-political climate, aging and overstressed infrastructures, and increasing costs. CMRRKAD System Ltd.» proven and timely tested utility solutions are built on automation, conservation and education, and aim at making the customer and the industry understand equally the importance of utility management solutions.

CMRRKAD System Ltd. energy efficiency programs are designed for utilities serving residential areas and commercial centers. The fast depleting energy resources, and contamination of fresh water resources are major areas of concern, with every need to educate the consumer of gas or electric and water utility. CMRRKAD System Ltd. offers an array of exciting energy management solutions that deliver meaningful saving and efficiency.

Smart Energy Management System core purpose is to provide the energy people need in a reliable and sustainable way. Our strategy is to deliver sustained growth in the dividend payable to shareholders through the efficient operation of, and investment in, a balanced range of regulated and non-regulated businesses.

Smart Energy Management System is web-based software you access through a website on any computer that has an internet browser and an internet connection. This is commonly called Software as a Service (SaaS).

Utility Companies have lots of advantages by using SEMS software

» SEMS is a Plug and Play Application which can be seamlessly deployed in the Utility company»s network

» No special software is needed for installation or usage

» AnEasy Integration with the companies existing applications

» Most reliable and easy ways to provide data on a real time and batch process

» Utility companies can offer the application to their consumers immediately upon deployment.

» Provide Pre Payment plan of Utility Bill to consumers